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  •  50 Prompts: Unique podcast starting ideas for any podcaster
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Podcasters love Pod Decks. You can use the Episode Deck to plan out your content calendar or even be spontaneous and pull a card and start your show. If you have ever felt like you "don't know what to podcast about" or had a guest cancel, you'll want to check these out!

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Interview Deck

  • 50 Questions:  Unique conversation starting questions that are not specific to any industry. Shuffle up, ask a question, and let your audience really get to know your guest.
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Interview Deck #2

  • 50 Questions: New unique conversation starting questions that are not specific to any industry. Use the questions for a fun end of show game or to engage your social media following.
  • Icon: Top Seller: One of our most popular products!

Would You Rather

  • 50 Questions: WYR questions to get a conversation started in a fun and interesting way. And it’s easy to get into some amazing conversations by just asking “why” after a would you rather question. 
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What the Heck?!

  • 50 Questions: hilarious  questions that are sure to make your guest say “What! If you are looking for light hearted, goofy, and dirty you’ll want to get this deck for your podcast!
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Don't Take It From Us...
For new podcasters who may feel a bit uncomfortable interviewing, I love the wonderful ice breakers and open-ended questions that are sure to lead to some interesting stories and meaningful conversations. I also love using these as engagement questions on social media to interact with my audience in between podcast episodes.
Emily Prokop
My show is all about interviews & conversations. Sometimes I hit a wall with the interview or I have a last minute cancellation that I can't fill. Having the Episode Deck allows me to not have to miss an episode just because I'm out a guest, and having the Interview Deck means that I'm never short of things to ask my guests. These decks have been super helpful!
Guillaume Dormeus
Pod Decks are great to get genuine, authentic conversations out of my guests. It’s fun. I’ve started using them as a “pick a card, any card” with my guest, and then I read the question off to them based on the random card the guest pulled out! They love it! The guest answers the question, and then I answer, along with my co-host.

Brad Poire
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